Eduardo Braun lectures on the following topics


How To Become an Effective Leader: Secrets from the World’s Greatest Leaders

What are the World’s Greatest Leaders secrets and how can you benefit from them to become a great Leader yourself?

Eduardo brings to life the thoughts, on-stage interviews, and behind the scenes secrets of the world most renowned leaders: Bill Clinton, Francis Ford Coppola, Gary Hamel, Jack Welch, Rudy Giuliani, Jim Collins, Dave Ulrich, Tony Blair, Colin Powell and many others; and turns those lessons into actionable recommendations.

• The Leader’s DNA. What are some unique characteristics of a leader? How to improve your own DNA while finding your own voice and passions.

• The Five Key Roles of Leadership. New insights from the field that will allow you to focus and improve your own leadership style.

• Establishing your own Vision; why it is a necessary first step.

• Selecting and managing the Winning Team. Tips for building an effective management team.

• Implementing the right Decision Making process. Why it is the most important leadership tool and how to use it effectively.

• Creating a high performance Culture in your organization. The importance of cloning your DNA.

• Communication, the organization’s bloodstream.

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Family Business

How to facilitate successful successions and happier family members

The most singular characteristic of a Family Business is that everything is mixed up: Ownership, governance, management…. and the Family!

• How to identify the issues and goals of each member of the family.

• How to design policies to articulate Company challenges and with the personal needs.

• Rules to avoid unnecessary conflict and to solve the issues where they belong

• Family Protocol, a process to find solutions before the problems tear-up the family and the business.

• Corporate Governance: Best Practices designed to foster profitable growth.

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New perspectives to reinvent you company: The Business, the Products, and its Management.

• Identify the different dimensions that can have Innovation

• The New Context: The Technology Revolution and it exponential nature.

• Life Sciences Revolution: why its impact will be even more important than the Digital Revolution

• Examples of innovations that will transform everyone’s life in the next 5 years: robotics, nanotechnology, Bid Data revolution and others.

• Disruptive Innovation: How to reinvent your business before your competition does.

• Open Innovation: A simple methodology to innovate at a very low cost.

• How to lead Innovation: Understanding the new paradigms to adapt your management style and organize your company to take advantage of its benefits: From Organizational Structure to Clusters.

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and other Management topics (like Stategy, Marketing, etc.)